Native Plants 101: Protecting Your Native Fauna

Native Plants 101: Protecting Your Native Fauna

Native plants evolved with a gigantic number of associated microbes, fungi, bacteria, herbivores, and insects. It follows that plants don’t exist by themselves – they need the organisms that helped them adapt and change over the ages. For home gardeners, insect assistants are one of the easiest and most interesting class of partners to manage […]

Native Plants 101: How About A Hedgerow?

Don’t say you don’t have room for a hedgerow – this 40 X 100 lot has a rockery topped with a modern day hedgerow. Hedgerows traditionally were used as fences between fields, and a “laid hedge” in England contained thorny plants like hawthorn to act as a barrier. Cut through the lower trunk and laid […]

Happy Customers – You Could Be One Too!

Happy Customers – You Could Be One Too!

Here are a few comments from Taylor Gardens clients. If you have a project or a question, need plants, tools, or inspiration, have Jeanie over for a consult! Dear Jeanie “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy!” Just a quick note to say that the Camassia seeds are coming up now, a […]

Didn’t I Say? Soil – It’s the Foundation…

Didn’t I Say? Soil – It’s the Foundation…

Hot off the presses in the NY Times today… Scientists using new analytical techniques over the last decade have found that the world’s ocean of soil is one of our largest reservoirs of biodiversity. It contains almost one-third of all living organisms, according to the European Union’s Joint Research Center, but only about 1 percent […]

Native Plants 101: Insect protectors

Lady bugs are everyone’s friends; they are so iconic. But guess what? There are a lot of questions surrounding these seemingly innocuous and friendly insects. Did you know that: Over the past twenty years several native ladybugs that were once very common have become extremely rare. During this same time ladybugs from other places have […]

Native Plants 101: Basic Growing Information

Growing Native Plants Stay tuned for information on specific native plants that are great garden subjects – look for a different native plant feature each week this spring and summer Native plants are best for native insects, pollinators, birds, and local wildlife. Plants and animals evolved together, so the ones that are native are always […]

Late Winter Bloomers

Cornelian cherry, Cornus mas is not a cherry, although it has cherry-like fruits. The common name comes from the term “cornel” used in the UK to describe the wood, fruit and plant. According to its Wikipedia entry,  “Cornus mas, ‘Male’ Cornel, was named so to distinguish it from the true Dogberry, the ‘Female’ Cornel, C. […]

Umbellularia californica – California bay laurel, or Oregon myrtle

I’d like to bring this plant to your attention, but first an observation about names. Common names are so interesting, because they reflect local usage – not only of the language but the plant itself. There are tons of European plants with common names that were applied to plants used daily for remedies – a […]

Lawns still making the news

Do lawns still hold sway where recycling is not encouraged? Maybe it’s just our progressive pocket of delusional thinking here in the PNW, but I thought that large areas of turf were going the way of, well, Barbie dolls. Oh, right, that was 30 years ago I thought that about Barbie, and also women keeping […]

Stop and Smell the Sarcococca

Stop and Smell the Sarcococca

Okay, it’s happening – our Maritime Northwest climate has turned the corner, and the winter-blooming smelly things are starting to pop!!!!!! For example, the title plant: Sarcococca aka sweet box. The thing about the winter-bloomers – apart from the lift you get from something that is actually putting out flowers in the cold wet rain […]


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