Fall Is THE Time To Plant!

There is no better time than right now to plant perennials and trees in the Pacific Northwest – and of course bulbs and cover crops.

Whether you get your plants through Taylor Gardens, or go to a local plant sale, take advantage of the cool and reasonably dry weather to get some planting done now.

The ground is warm, the rains will begin soon (you KNOW it’s coming!), and the cool nights help plants grow BIG, STRONG root systems that support them. Even though it may not look like much is going on above ground – it is fall after all – this is the best time to give plants a head start by allowing them to get strong roots established.

During the cold winter months, as long as the soil is not too cold, evergreens will continue to photosynthesize and put on root mass, which will help carry them through the dry summer months as they mine lower soil layers for moisture and nutrients.

Taylor Gardens can pass on discounts on perennials and trees. Right now the wholesale nurseries are advertising fall deals, which allows us to keep prices very low, and – even better – we deliver! So use the contact form now to let us know what you’d like to try in your garden.

Not up to putting in the plants right now? Have Taylor Gardens install your plants for you. We can get your plants and bulbs in the ground so you can enjoy them next spring and summer. Our already reasonable rates are discounted through the end of October.


DON’T MISS The Hardy Fern Foundation Fall Social. Saturday, Nov 12 in Seattle at the Center for Urban Horticulture. A rare opportunity to buy unusual ferns, learn more about them at the lecture, catered lunch. Click on the link for RSVP info.

Fall Native Plant Sales – Washington Native Plant Society

Central Puget Sound Chapter: October 1 – Magnuson Park, Seattle

South Sound Chapter: October 8 – Olympia, WA

Click HERE for more plant sales from Seattle to Portland during Oct – December

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