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So many books…

So many books…so little time

I thought I would do one of those post-a-day things where I put something up each day on a particular subject. There is no shortage of garden or plant books, and of course I have a bunch. So I’m going through my bookshelf and doing a little post on some of my old reliables. Here’s the first one (see more below in “Horticulture”):

Also known as “Pojar” after the first listed author. A good field guide is hard to beat. This is one of my most dog-eared books. It has been on hikes, thrown in the back of the car, gotten a bit damp – which is okay, because it’s got those tough field-guide pages. The information is concise, there are photos, and it’s handy for showing someone what a plant looks like. If I’m wondering about planting something the ecology paragraph will indicate what growing conditions are best. It’s easy to carry – take it to your local native plant sale!

April 19 – Here’s another one

The Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns is, in fact a bona fide encyclopedic treatment of garden-worth hardy ferns. Here in the maritime PNW of North America, we can grow a ton of plants from all over the world because of our mild climate.

We can grow a wonderland of ferns. Many are available commercially through better nurseries (City People’s mercantile in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood, Sky nursery in Shoreline, Wells-Medina east of Lake Washington and, many others – even home depot has a few).

This book will lead you to the ones for your growing conditions. If you just don’t know where to begin, join the Hardy Fern Foundation. Sue Olsen, the author of the Encyclopedia is one of the founders of this superb organization. You can buy hard-to-find ferns at their yearly Fern Fest, the first weekend in June in Seattle, or go to the Rhododendron Species Foundation to view them in situ and score some at the plant sale area.

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