Favorites from the bookshelf post #3

Healthy Soils for Sustainable Gardens. Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Soils are under-appreciated in the garden. Many assume that once in the ground, plants just grow, and if you add some fertilizer or compost, that feeds them somehow. Well, it’s much more complicated. I am of the opinion that soil science is very close, if not equal to rocket science. Especially since there are aspects to soil biology still to be discovered and explicated.

The good news is, you don’t have to know it all to be able to work successfully with your soil, and this handy little book gives you the basics in a nutshell, or close to it. Get it, read it, study it, and follow the recommendations. Your plants will be the better for it. And you will be sooo much smarter! Soils are cool! (Thank you Brooklyn Botanic Garden for another nice guide.)

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