Happy Customers – You Could Be One Too!

Here are a few comments from Taylor Gardens clients. If you have a project or a question, need plants, tools, or inspiration, have Jeanie over for a consult!

I am available for consultations on plant choice, pruning, seed saving and propagation, native plant use and identification. I can provide tutorials on starting mushroom logs, hedgerows, and more. Check out my favorite themes in the blog posts herein.

My service area is now Yamhill county in Oregon’s NW Willamette Valley, and environs. Use the contact form to get in touch!

Dear Jeanie
“O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy!”
Just a quick note to say that the Camassia seeds are coming up now, a bit like mustard and cress, so I hope I have enough space in the pot I sowed them in. Wee beasties aside, I should have a veritable forest of Camassia in a few years time. From one very happy gardener on the other side of the pond.


It’s really great to know what things are now, it helps us understand our garden better. Thanks for all you info! –Cheryl


What a lovely post! I love Wallingford’s flowers in the springtime, and it’s nice to know what I’m looking at! 🙂 –Cassie


Hi, Jeanie. Thanks for pruning the elderberry – it looks great! — Kristi


Thank you Jeanie! My garden is lovely again… –Marcia


Thanks so much for the informative article. The very first photo was of a bush that I’ve been admiring. I now know the name. I look forward to more of these great articles! –Native


Thank you so much for your great presentation!  Setting us up with the
basic information is really helpful as we begin to delve into seed
saving.   You really gave us basic important details to think
about.  Additionally, you kept it simple enough that we could grasp
the  the details without getting overwhelmed.

Our group is pretty knowledgeable.  There were a number of master
gardeners that attended as well as a certified bee-keeper.  Everyone
was very impressed with your coverage of the topic & how you presented

Again, THANK YOU! –Janice


Wow!  This is a fantastic garden report…you seem to have captured everything we talked about and much much more – I love it!   –Michele


I am really impressed with all the information on moss that you put in the column. And I will stop viewing it as a problem on my driveway… You did a fantastic job of giving both sides of the issue and wonderful alternatives for remedies. P.S. I am going to forward the link to our classmates and to my friends when they complain about moss!  –Teri


Hi Jeanie, You did a great job; I’ve gotten nothing but positive responses from other project members. Nice work. — Matt

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