Perennially good pruning advice

This just in from Oregon State University Extension agent Neil Bell via an article in a local paper: Pruning is a good thing, if you do it properly and at the right time. What is that time?? Each plant has it’s own blooming schedule. The perceptive gardener can learn what that is by doing a little internet research, looking it up in a book, or asking a competent gardener.

And take note: Native plants are no different in this respect. If you need to prune them, follow guidelines for good pruning and you and your plants will be happy!

CAUTION and disclaimer: Just because it’s growing DOESN’T mean it needs to be pruned! Save yourself and your plants the trouble by knowing that bit of personal information about your garden beauties. From the article “If Bell has one piece of advice he’s most adamant about, it’s avoid shearing or topping a shrub.” Couldn’t agree more.

Questions? Just ask via the contact form.

Read all about it HERE





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