Bees in your backyard

Yellow-faced Bumblebee, Bombus vosnesenskii is common in western Oregon gardens

“The Western bumblebee (Bombus occidentalis) was extirpated from the Valley near the turn of the last century. However, many species are still abundant and some appear to be thriving. I counted about thirty species in my garden in downtown Springfield in 2018, and that number has grown as I have worked to increase the diversity and abundance of native plants in my yard.”

— The Bees of the Willamette Valley A Comprehensive Guide to Genera, by August Jackson (available here )

In Oregon we are experiencing the same declines as the rest of the world, in pollinators, beneficial insects, and other organisms that are essential to the integrity of the ecosystems that sustain us. Home gardeners, farmers, vineyard and timber land owners can help improve our chances of survival by providing better habitat right where we live. Native plants, combined with appropriate management can bring back diversity and health to your property. Contact us to find out how!

Photo credit: Junkyardsparkle – Own work, CC0,

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