I teach home gardeners and landowners how to bring Northwest native plants into their landscape and appreciate nature at home. Yamhill County, Oregon is the center of my service area. I am open to travelling in the area.

I consult for hands-on projects: which plants to choose for your landscape, how to care for natives, how to protect pollinators and beneficial insects for pest control.

I offer workshops and plant walks to help people learn about native plants west of the Cascades, together with their insect and wildlife partners. Soil is one of my favorite topics.

Here are some questions I can help you with

Do I have any native plants on my property?

Which native plants should I try in my garden/landscape/field/woods/streamside/pondside? Like any plant, different native species are adapted to sun, or shade, wet or dry places, some can grow well in many conditions.

Is this plant native or not, and should I keep it? How do I prune it?

Can I increase (propagate) the plants I have?

I have a landscape plan, but it is mostly not native plants. Can I substitute some native ones? (Answer: Yes! This is a favorite topic of mine.)

When is the best time to plant?

How do I care for my new/older garden plants? How do I prune native shrubs?

What about all these weeds??

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