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I’m Jeanie Taylor, owner of Taylor Gardens. I help home gardeners with projects, pruning, and garden questions i Yamhill County, near McMinnville, Oregon where I am renewing a remnant Oregon white oak woodland and upland prairie/savanna on my own 20 acres.

What I most enjoy is working with you in your own garden –  sharing the knowledge I have gained from years of working with plants, discovering garden life, and making mistakes that turned out to be good lessons. My special expertise is in knowing how to use native plants in the landscape, and I believe that all gardens should have some natives so we can do our part for the rest of the creatures on the planet.

I talk with you about what you like and don’t like about your yard, and discuss ideas to make it more enjoyable and easier to care for.

I show you how to do tasks like pruning and shaping, and suggest methods to lessen the weeding burden. And I help you choose native plants that will perform well and take less work to maintain.

I conduct classes and demonstrations by request, most recently for the Washington Native Plant Society and the City of Seattle, and OSU Extensio in Oregon. A video tutorial on propagating plants using live stakes featuring myself can be viewed online.

My experience in horticultural and landscape gardening is lifelong, as I grew up on a ranch in Colorado, thinned carrots in my Mom’s garden and played with plants when I was a tyke. My professional experience includes three years as a senior landscape gardener with the City of Seattle, six years as a plant propagator (I collected seed and cuttings from a majority of the plants you see in Seattle Parks and grew them for nursery stock), and a total of almost 20 years in greenhouse and gardening work, raising cut flowers, and working with home gardeners. I received horticultural training at Edmonds Community College, and hold a B.S. in Botany and Conservation and an M.S. in Conservation Biology from the University of Washington.

My project on 20 acres in Oregon (chronicled at GopherValleyJrnl.wordpress.com) is to restore endangered plants and Oregon white oak savanna habitat while avoiding poison oak, one of the less favored native plants. I am a certified Oregon Master Naturalist, which qualifies me to talk to you about nature in Oregon’s Willamette Valley!

To contact me, please fill out the contact form on this website.

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