Why do these weeds keep coming back?!

“I weeded – but they came back…I can’t get rid of those weeds…I took out the blackberries, but then I had morning glory everywhere…” Sound familiar? We’ve all done it – we tackle a huge bed of weeds, liberate the garden plants and exhausted, pile up the weeds and breathe a sigh. Then, before youContinue reading “Why do these weeds keep coming back?!”

Low Maintenance Gardening ideas

“Low-maintenance” has a charismatic ring to it. It promises less weeding, watering, and other chores that some regard as the equivalent of house work. There is a distinct possibility that the “low-maintenance” moniker is being bandied about as the latest, best way to garden, save the planet, or both. Biologically sound garden techniques do reallyContinue reading “Low Maintenance Gardening ideas”