This Book Helps You Build It So They Will Come

Gardening For The Birds How to Create a Bird-Friendly Backyard By George Adams Timber Press 2013 A growing unease about our relationship to the natural world and our impact on planetary processes has led to increased interest in gardening with native plants. Gardening may seem like a less-than-effective tool to turn the tide of environmental … Continue reading This Book Helps You Build It So They Will Come

Beneficial of the Week 5

If the last several posts on helpful garden residents have piqued your interest, you are now ready to stride confidently into your garden (yes, even in winter) to find and identify the wonderful creatures that await you! Here are some great resources to help you in your search for more diverse and intriguing friends A … Continue reading Beneficial of the Week 5

Fall – Time for Bulbs?

Here is a reblog of a compendium of links to good solid info on all things bulbs I recently discovered the Horticulture magazine online presence via Pinterest, and have subscribed by email to some of the free stuff.

Virtual bookshelf favorites – Browser bookmarks

The convenience and photo quality of online sources is excellent if you check the source to verify reliability. Any URL that ends in .edu is usually a college or university, and established magazines and societies also have great websites. Try Horticulture, American Horticultural Society and many other specialty groups that concentrate on bulbs, wildflowers, and … Continue reading Virtual bookshelf favorites – Browser bookmarks

Bookshelf Favorites #4

Seed to Seed from the Seed Savers Exchange.  The Seed Savers Exchange had heirloom vegetable seeds before the term "heirloom" was widely recognized as anything anyone would want. Along with heirloom apple varieties (which I first learned about from the Home Orchard Society), this harks back to the time when preservation of disappearing cultivated varieties … Continue reading Bookshelf Favorites #4

Favorites from the bookshelf post #3

  Soils are under-appreciated in the garden. Many assume that once in the ground, plants just grow, and if you add some fertilizer or compost, that feeds them somehow. Well, it's much more complicated. I am of the opinion that soil science is very close, if not equal to rocket science. Especially since there are … Continue reading Favorites from the bookshelf post #3