Native Plants 101: Basic Growing Information

Growing Native Plants   Native plants are best for native insects, pollinators, birds, and local wildlife. Plants and animals evolved together, so the ones that are native are always the best for local wildlife. Mix them in with your ornamentals, and you will have a diverse landscape teeming with healthy life! You will have more … Continue reading Native Plants 101: Basic Growing Information

Umbellularia californica – California bay laurel, or Oregon myrtle

I'd like to bring this plant to your attention, but first an observation about names. Common names are so interesting, because they reflect local usage - not only of the language but the plant itself. There are tons of European plants with common names that were applied to plants used daily for remedies - a … Continue reading Umbellularia californica – California bay laurel, or Oregon myrtle

Stop and Smell the Sarcococca

Okay, it's happening - our Maritime Northwest climate has turned the corner, and the winter-blooming smelly things are starting to pop!!!!!! For example, the title plant: Sarcococca aka sweet box. The thing about the winter-bloomers - apart from the lift you get from something that is actually putting out flowers in the cold wet rain … Continue reading Stop and Smell the Sarcococca

Garden Planning Time…

In this time of dark winter retreat, it is so much fun to imagine additions to the garden. It's also a good time to locate plants, so they will be available to plant in late winter or early spring for an easy transition to their new landscape life. When I contemplate plants for purchase, I … Continue reading Garden Planning Time…

Fall Is THE Time To Plant!

There is no better time than right now to plant perennials and trees in the Pacific Northwest - and of course bulbs and cover crops. Whether you get your plants through Taylor Gardens, or go to a local plant sale, take advantage of the cool and reasonably dry weather to get some planting done now. … Continue reading Fall Is THE Time To Plant!